Schedule April-June 2019

April 2
Organizational Skills: Setting Mid-Term Goals
Setting 3-month goals; overview of the new cycle

April 9
Self-Care Skills: Benefits of Exercise for Managing LD/ADHD
Guest Speaker: Frederic Myerson, professional trainer

April 16
Planning and Prioritization Skills: Picking Up the Task in the Moment
Presentation by L., group member

April 23
Job Search Skills: CBT for Managing Job Search Stress
Presentation by group facilitator; group discussion

April 30
Self-Regulation Skills: Harnessing Power of LD/ADHD for Success
Guest Speaker: MM, Educator & Psychotherapist

May 7
Job Search Skills: Aligning Values with Career and Life Choices
Group activity; group discussion

May 14
Job Search Skills: Reading Job Description for Cover Letter Writing
Guest Speaker: Karen Moore, Employment Services Director, Psych Rehab Division, Vinfen

May 21
Job Search Skills: Dealing with Disappointment and Rejection
Group discussion on dealing with disappointment and rejection related to job search

May 28
Self-Awareness Skills: ADHD/LD and Creativity
Guest Speaker: Linda Hurd, artist

June 4
Self-Regulation Skills: Combating Procrastination with Productivity Plan
Group discussion

June 11
Self-Regulation Skills: Taking Advantage of LD/ADHD 
Guest Speaker: MWM, Psychotherapist

June 18
Self-Regulation Skills: Following Directions
Group activity; group discussion

June 25
Wrapping Up, end of the cycle
Review of the 3-month goals, brainstorming ideas for the next cycle

Most of What’s on YouTube for People with ADHD/LD (And Some Other Stuff on The Web)

On January 20, 2019, S., our group member, presented to the group the results of his research on on-line resources for adults with LD/ADHD. Information presented in this posting is from S's slides of his Powerpoint presentation. As we went through slides, S., who is diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, noted that although he proofread his slides several times, he still left some typos. This link should bring you to the Youtube video collection S. created for this presentation: ADHD Video Selection

It was an informative and often entertaining session, as many resources S. covered present a view on LD/ADHD through the lense of humor. While many group members could relate to the content of these humorous presentations, as one of the group members mentioned, challenges related to LD/ADHD cause real suffering and it is important for a general public to understand that.

S. highlighted some of the most popular Youtube videos on LD/ADHD:

According to S., if you simplyst Google "ADHD," this is the video you will find with most views (the whole channel is not in any why devoted to ADHD/LD subjects): 

S. considers Jessica McCabe "the queen of content creators who sustains herself and a small staff entirely on her video content." However, he feels that her tendency to refer to fans as brains can wear thin:

S. states, "Russell A. Barkley’s name shows up everywhere. If you like to watch his videos you can keep yourself busy for a long time. His delivery is typically dry and professorial. He has written quite a few books on ADHD. If you want to deep dive into the psychophysiology of ADHD/ADD he would seem to be a good source:"

S. finds Eric Tivers from to be friendly and engaging. Many videos are taped sessions of interviews for the podcast.